One stylist educating another stylist

Back in the day some would say, is a comment of the past. I would like to say is here again.  I just recently met up with another stylist that was willing to let me shadow him. What this means is I go to his work place and watch as he works on his clientele. Whats amazing is you get a new perspective on styles, people and creativity of a different establishment. I was able to learn and share a more personable culture  we long to have.  The fellas name is Lance Gines of DV8 in Boise Idaho. Great salon  and very friendly.  I have attended his  sexy hair educational classes . An up-do,  male hair cutting and other classes in the past. Looking forward to his hands on class coming early spring. As part of our ever growing culture I would like to thank Lance for his sincerity in the world of cosmetology.  I would like to say

The appearance of who we are comes from the creativeness of what lies within us


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